Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WWE wants to market much more pay-for every-sights, it may possibly not

he can then have a higher-effect match at WrestleMania on the exact same card with Rock and Cena. This presents WWE two major events fairly than one.

There's no reason for Punk to be concerned in the WrestleMania primary function if the belt isn't involved. Rock and Cena don't want it. Their showdown would be just as large simply simply because it is a return match.

If WWE wants to market much more pay-for every-sights, it may possibly not even be a very good notion to have Rock meet up with Cena once again. Rock/Cena did one.21 million buys previous yr...but a return match is not as powerful. It really is a grudge match that Rock presently won.

If Punk retains the title at RR, WWE can capitalize in two methods. They can have the principal occasion at Elimination Chamber be a No. 1 contenders match, with Rock rising victorious. Rock striving to revenge himself on Punk to garner the WWE championship would likely attract far more buys than a rematch in between Rock and Cena with nothing at all but delight at stake.

Yet another cause that WWE wants Punk to go more than is that I don't assume Rock would advertise the WWE Championship in amongst the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Can you see Dwayne Johnson carrying the WWE Championship belt on Jimmy Kimmel or Letterman? He would be inclined to discuss about his upcoming match, but I question that he'd show up on "real" tv holding WWE gold.

Punk needs to go above at Royal Rumble due to the fact the WWE champion requirements to be represented on Tv each week. If Rock wins at the Rumble, will he present up at Raw each week? Doubtful.
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If Punk nonetheless retains the gold, about 9 weeks in between the Royal Rumble on Jan. 27 and WrestleMania on April 7. Is WWE ready to have nine or 10 weeks of tv exactly where its championship belt isn't featured or promoted?

If they put the belt on Rock at Royal Rumble, it's unlikely that the title would be defended at Elimination Chamber on Feb. 17. That is an total PPV the place the belt wouldn't be highlighted or defended. If Punk beats Rock at Royal Rumble, the winner and the championship components will be focal points until WrestleMania.

If Rock wins the title from Punk at Royal Rumble, Punk's build will have been wasted. WWE put in a calendar year creating Punk's championship reign. It seems good to say that he's had the longest WWE title reign in the previous 25 years. Is it really worth it to sacrifice all of that buildup to hand the championship to a man who will drop the belt and disappear once more in a thirty day period or two?

There are sensible factors to have Punk defeat Rock at Royal Rumble. If Rock wins the belt from Punk in January, it helps make the February PPV, Elimination Chamber, seem like an afterthought. No way WWE is likely to let Rock drop the belt just before WrestleMania.

Speaking of WrestleMania, if Rock retains the title going into the event, it's a spoiler. There is extremely little likelihood that he would carry the belt following April, so it would only make perception that he drop at WrestleMania. Does it make excellent business feeling for WWE to go into its largest function of the 12 months with their main event perceived as a foregone summary?

CM Punk demands to beat The Rock at Royal Rumble for all of these motives, and a single a lot more. In six months, Punk will nonetheless be in WWE. Rock will be in Hollywood. It's as simple as that.

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