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WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Predicting Winners for Each Match

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Why He Needs To Beat The Rock


WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 LIVE STREAM:On 27th June 2011, a promo took place that promised to change the landscape of sports entertainment forever. CM Punk was the male who sent that promo and on that fateful evening in Las Vegas, individuals eventually commenced to take recognize. A few weeks later at the Cash in the Financial institution PPV, Punk evidently leaves the company with the WWE Championship around his waist – by this stage the entire entire world began to get observe.

Quick forward to 2013 having misplaced and regained the WWE title and likely on to conquer the likes of John Cena, Chris Jericho and Vince’s new powerhouse poster-boy Ryback, Punk is now flourishing in the longest WWE Championship reign of the very last twenty five several years. In spite of all of this, it nevertheless feels as although imaginative are not willing to give him the ball and allowing him run the length with it. The Royal Rumble may possibly perhaps set an end to that.

Arrive January 27th, Punk will encounter one of his largest problems to date in the kind of “the jabroni beating, pie ingesting, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, coronary heart stopping, elbow dropping, people’s champ The Rock”. Whatsoever you feel about The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson as he is frequently now acknowledged, he sells tickets and can make a excellent PPV a possible blockbuster. If CM Punk needs to display the entire world that he is the greatest, this would be opportune minute against the largest mainstream star to at any time appear out of WWE.

Let’s take a second to chat about previous Dwayne he is a 7 time World Champion, a third era superstar, he has conquered the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and more lately John Cena. He is hugely regarded as a famous superstar from the Attitude Era and boasts a multi million greenback box workplace gross in his hugely productive film job. It’s safe to say that the Brahma Bull has done it all, and he does not need yet another title operate.

For CM Punk, the implications of beating the Rock to keep his WWE Championship are large. To start with, it displays that he can do what John Cena failed to do that alone speaks volumes in my book. The idea that Punk is bringing prestige back again to the title is quite crucial to me as a enthusiast trying to keep the belt on Punk shows the WWE can utilise The Rock’s star energy to increase the title reign, giving Punk much more credibility as the top rated star in the company, which will without doubt preserve fans intrigued right after the Rock disappears following WrestleMania.

I’m positive that we can all see how it will pan out should Rocky gain at the Rumble he carries the belt into Mania, into Rock vs. Cena II and the WWE title goes again to John Cena, Dwayne goes back again to generating movies and the soul crushing status quo is restored. Nevertheless, should Punk keep, the possibilities are limitless triple menace title match at Wrestlemania, anybody?

Also by-product? How about Punk requires on the Undertaker in a Streak vs. Streak match at Wrestlemania 29? If punk then loses to Taker, Undertaker retires as the Champion and the subsequent handful of months can be dedicated to a tournament to establish a new winner, possibly utilising a fresh encounter this sort of as Dolph Ziggler to get the title and develop a higher top tier roster depth?

The question here might not be no matter whether Punk needs to win at the Royal Rumble, but regardless of whether WWE needs and wants him to gain. I personally believe that everyone benefits from Punk retaining and retaining the Championship belt at the forefront of WWE programming.

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