Thursday, January 10, 2013

Punk catches Ziggler with a appropriate and a rigid kick to the thigh. Ziggler knocks Punk away and struts to demonstrate

Zack Ryder is shown backstage becoming wheeled close to in a wheelchair. He’s welcomed by Johnny Ace, who claims he’s acquired his individual dressing room catered with his preferred meals. Johnny claims if he wants everything to allow him know. Eve arrives in and says he’s currently accomplished adequate by creating Zack compete when he wasn’t cleared, then putting him into a match with Kane. She states she hopes tomorrow night on Raw, she hopes he’s fired. Johnny says which is gratitude for you, and walks off. Eve calls him an a**, and Ryder says WWWYKI, just before currently being wheeled into his dressing place.

John Cena vs. Kane

John Cena is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a very combined response from the group. Cole states that this afternoon, Cena passed ten million fans on Facebook, rattling off some of the folks that he’s more popular than, such as the Dali Lama, and the Rock.

Cena seems around when he’s in the ring, but he just shrugs off the boos. Kane’s pyro hits and the arena goes dark. Kane makes his way out to the ring, and it is difficult to notify if he receives a lot of a response from the crowd, but he seems to be like he’s walking with goal.

The bell rings and Cena charges Kane, kicking and punching him correct off the bat, but Kane lays him out with a back elbow just before slamming him into the turnbuckle, hitting him with a chop to the encounter, and beating on him in the corner. Kane hits Cena with a pair of rights to the confront. Cena fights back again hitting Cena with a few of legal rights of his own prior to clotheslining Cena in excess of the best rope to the outside the house. Cena pulls Kane to the outside after him and knocks him to the ground. Kane attempts to deliver Cena into the ring methods, but Cena is ready to reverse it, and Kane crashes knees 1st into the measures.

Cena rolls back again into the ring and Kane follows. Cena will get Kane on his shoulder, but Kane fights it off and Cena crashes experience very first into the mat. Kane punches Cena continuously in the corner, picking him back up and hitting him with an additional appropriate. Kane puts his boot in Cena’s back and stomps down before hitting the ropes and hitting Cena with a operating solitary leg dropkick to the experience that is very good for a near fall. Kane locks in a rear chin lock to try out and put on down Cena.

Cena fights up to his ft and out of the maintain and each males trade punches. Kane puts Cena appropriate again down to the mat with a fast proper to the face that’s excellent for one more two count. Kane picks Cena up to his feet and suplexes him, then pins him for yet another in close proximity to drop. Kane clamps on another rear chin lock.

Cena fights up to his ft yet again, creating his way out of the maintain. Cena hits Kane with a correct, but a appropriate from Kane knocks Cena down to the mat once again. Kane sends Cena throughout the ring and expenses in appropriate immediately after him, sandwiching him in the corner. Kane fees Cena in the corner but Cena hits a drop toe hold to deliver Kane into the turnbuckles. Cena goes for the bulldog, but Kane tosses him off and Cena goes to the apron. Kane follows and Cena pulls him down throat very first throughout the top rated rope. Kane responds by hitting Cena with a big clothesline.

Kane goes to place his hand more than Cena’s confront, but Cena fights it off. Kane persists, and he’s finally capable to get his hand in excess of Cena’s nose and mouth. Cena turns things correct around, locking in the STF, but Kane powers proper out. Cena expenses Kane, but Kane catches him with a aspect slam, planting him on the mat. Kane goes to the apron and climbs up to the best. He waits for Cena to stand up and launches himself off the best with a massive leaping clothesline.

Kane calls for the chokeslam, but Cena ducks it and hits a working shoulder block, then yet another that sends Kane to the mat. Cena hits a tummy to back again suplex and calls for the five knuckle shuffle, receiving a good deal of boos. Cena seems down but he’s grabbed by the throat by Kane. Cena fights it off but Kane hits a huge boot for one more two count.

Kane will take Cena into the corner and hits him with another big chop to the experience. Kane seats Cena on the best turnbuckle and goes up immediately after him. Kane attempts for a superplex, but Cena fights him off, sending him crashing down to the mat. Cena stands on the best rope and allows the crowd know that Kane can not see him just before hitting a leading rope five knuckle shuffle. Cena waits for Kane to get to his toes and he shoulders him, but Kane fights it off. Cena hits a low kick to Kane’s leg, but Kane fights correct again, sending Cena flying to the outside the house via the ropes. Kane follows and slams Cena again 1st into the ring apron.

Cena fights with Kane up the entrance way although the count goes larger and larger. The referee counts out equally gentlemen, but Cena and Kane carry on to combat. Cena grabs some kind of gear container and uses it to blast Kane

Double Count Out

Immediately after the match, Cena and Kane combat their way to the backstage area. Cena tosses Kane into some trash cans after a few of wild punches. Kane hits Cena with a pair of large chair shots to the back again. Kane taunts Cena ahead of laying in with another shot across the back again. Kane stands more than Cena before hitting him with the chair for the fourth time. Kane seems to be up and he’s outside the house of Zack Ryder’s dressing place. Kane breaks down the door, and assaults Ryder, making use of his hand to smother Zack. Kane rolls Ryder out of the dressing area.

Kane wheels Ryder out to the entrance way, and Ryder is nonetheless delirious in his chair. Kane wheels Ryder all the way down to the ring ahead of dumping him out of his wheelchair and sending him into the ring. Kane helps make his way into the ring immediately after Ryder and kicks him all around a little bit. Eve operates down to the ring and begs Kane to not hurt Ryder.

Kane tombstones Ryder then turns to Eve. Cena operates down to the ring, but he will get a chokeslam for his troubles. Kane rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the again, laughing all the way. Eve cries in the ring while Ryder is attended to by trainers, and Cena recovers.

WOW! Simply the ideal match and segment in Kane’s career…

- Cole, Lawler and Booker speak about what a tragedy it is that Ryder was laid out by Kane. Booker speculates that this could be the end of Zack Ryder’s job.

- Back again to Rock/Cena as we get a video package deal detailing Rock’s occupation, and a little bit of his reasoning as to why he’s coming back again for one more match in opposition to John Cena.

Drew McIntyre vs. Brodus Clay

Drew McIntyre is the very first man to make his way out to the ring. Booker talks about how Drew needs this get to retain his job on Smackdown. His opponent is Brodus Clay, who makes his way out to the ring to a quite nice pop from the crowd. Of training course, he’s led to the ring by his backup dancers, Cameron and Naomi.

A chant breaks out for Clay just before the bell. Clay shakes and Drew blows a kiss to his dancers. Drew strikes very first and normally takes Brodus to the corner. Clay just shakes him off and dances. Drew with more offense in the corner but it doesn’t period Clay. Clay will come again with the massive overhead suplex and then the splash in the corner. Clay hits “What The Funk” for the acquire, and that is all.

John Laurinaitis is the very first man to make his way out to the ring. He’s sporting a sleeveless referees shirt, but not like Vince McMahon, his arms are not something worth displaying off. He gets a lot of boos as he tends to make his way out with no music. He’s obtained a mic and he introduces himself and gives his title, even even though he was just presented. He suggests even though he was assigned the referee of the match, in the interest of fairness, he’s made the decision that he’ll officiate outside of the ring, and yet another WWE formal will referee factors within of the ring. Another ref makes his way down to the ring swiftly.

Ziggler is the first man to make his way out to the ring, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero. Dolph will get a quite nice reaction from the crowd, but as before long as his songs stops, the chants for Punk are frustrating. Punk’s tunes hits, and the champion can make his way out to the ring to a great deal of enjoy from the crowd.

Justin Roberts does formal ring introductions for the two men, and it appears like we’re ready to commence.

Prior to the bell rings, Laurinaitis can make his way into the ring and ejects Vickie Guerrero from ringside. Vickie tends to make her way to the again, screaming the complete way. The bell rings and Punk and Ziggler circle each and every other ahead of locking up. Punk rolls up Ziggler for one. Each gentlemen examination every single other, but Ziggler punches Punk. Ziggler goes for the rocker dropper but Punk moves and shoulders Ziggler. Ziggler fights out and both men stare each and every other down. We get yet another lock up and Punk backs Ziggler into the ropes and provides a cleanse crack. Punk catches Ziggler with a appropriate and a rigid kick to the thigh. Ziggler knocks Punk away and struts to demonstrate off.

Punk is capable to roll Ziggler up for a two count and he goes for the Anaconda vice, but Ziggler is capable to battle it off and roll into the ropes. Ziggler and Punk lock up and Punk goes behind Ziggler locking in an abdominal stretch and clubbing down on Dolph’s ribs. Punk performs to the crowd before choosing Ziggler up and suplexing him experience very first into the ropes. Ziggler falls out to the flooring, and Punk follows with a plancha by way of the ropes, crashing right into Ziggler and sending him to the floor. Punk sends Ziggler again into the ring and he goes to the leading, but Ziggler sweeps Punk’s legs out from below him, and Punk crashes to the mat. Ziggler goes for the pin but only receives two.

Ziggler stomps away at Punk just before hitting him with recurring elbow drops to the upper body. Ziggler carries on to gloat just before hitting a high elevation elbow drop. Ziggler goes for the pin and gets yet another two count. Ziggler locks in a rear chin lock, donning down Punk and grinding him down into the mat. Punk is able to battle again up to his ft and put Ziggler down with a stomach to again suplex.

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