Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WWE has to resist the urge to put the belt again on Rock

It really is set in stone. The main event of the 2013 Royal Rumble will feature The Rock wrestling CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Although this match is not garnering the hoopla that Rock and John Cena produced for WrestleMania, in many ways it may well be even more impactful for WWE.

Rock/Cena was a one-off. WWE even place out a DVD known as Once in a Lifetime chronicling that showdown. Rock/Punk will have a long lasting influence on WWE heading forward, and demands to be booked accordingly.

No subject how nostalgic it would be, WWE has to resist the urge to put the belt again on Rock, even for a relatively quick run. CM Punk needs to come out of the Royal Rumble as WWE Champion it's that straightforward. WWE can't guide the Rock to defeat CM Punk.

One particular of the principal reasons that Punk has to go more than is that the existing WWE Winner demands a big win.

Given that getting the title at Survivor Series 2011, Punk has retained the belt towards a laundry record of challengers. He's achieved, and dispatched, Ryback, Cena, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, R-Fact, Chris Jericho, Kane, Daniel Bryan and The Large Display.

The matches with Bryan had been epic, and the wins over Jericho had been good at the time, but none of those wins would get Punk more than like a victory above The People's Champion. Beating a mega-star like Rock would cement Punk as the top canine in the WWE, and legitimize his boasts of becoming "Best in the Planet."
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A decline for Punk damages the reliability of the WWE title, If Rock can arrive back right after seven years and defeat Cena, then go absent for a couple of months and arrive back to take the title off of Punk, what does it say about the legitimacy of the WWE title?

Practically any time a "element time" star faces off with a current wrestler, it is in WWE's ideal fascination to have the lively grappler gain the match. What does it say about the existing WWE Champion if he can't beat a male who was off filming a film a few weeks in the past?

However obtaining Rock as winner would provide a brief-phrase rankings improve, WWE can get more out of him by getting Punk retain the title. WWE could e-book a operate-in in the course of the Royal Rumble showdown. If, say, John Cena or Ryback, arrived to the ring and interfered in the match, costing Rock the title, it could lead to a feud that would carry all the way through WrestleMania.

Going through off with the Rock would solidify a heel change for Cena, or aid create Ryback as a credible principal eventer. Each would have logical factors to interfere in the match. Cena missing to Rock at WrestleMania. He could be out for revenge.

Ryback may just decide that he doesn't like waiting around in line driving Rock for a shot and Punk and the WWE Championship belt. If Rock is prepared to operate, WWE ought to use him to forward tale lines that will have extended-phrase positive aspects. This operates far better if Rock loses, and Punk retains the belt.

If the major explanation for possessing Rock go above at Royal Rumble is to set up another Rock/Cena match for WrestleMania, there's no reason that it has to be for the WWE title. Rock and Cena can feud more than just about anything at all, they don't want the belt to lend significance to the match.

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