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WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 LIVE STREAM FREE :Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions: Power Ranking Favorites to Win Rumble Match Even in the most predictable years, the Royal Rumble is one particular of the most interesting WWE events of the calendar year. The 2013 celebration is no exception, though there does appear to be a critical deficiency of expertise at the leading of the mountain. ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 live stream

When you consider about possible winners for this year's function, the listing is not extended. There are a number of names at the top–the normal suspects, let us call them–that seem to be poised to seize the confirmed title shot at WrestleMania that goes to the victor.

In looking over the record of verified participants in this year's Rumble match, listed here are rankings for the very best candidates to appear out on best.

No. 3: Sheamus

There will be a typical theme working through these predictions, and it will be that all the best candidates to win this year's Rumble have previously won the match in the earlier.

Sheamus was a surprise winner previous 12 months, as most individuals had Chris Jericho pegged to come out on top. While Sheamus' victory did appear to be a very last-2nd swap to toss off the viewers that experienced already figured out the original finish, he did parlay the win into a huge calendar year in 2012.ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 live stream

A single problem with having Sheamus win the Royal Rumble this yr is that there doesn't seem to be any momentum powering him. You want to use this function as a way to catapult a star who has been constructing a full head of steam just on the outskirts of a title shot into the photograph.

That mentioned, we know Sheamus is 1 of the largest stars on SmackDown and linked to the right men and women behind the scenes. If WWE decides to pull one more swerve, really don't be shocked if Sheamus is the beneficiary of that adjust again.

No. 2: Randy Orton

Who will gain the 2013 Royal Rumble?
Sheamus Randy Orton John Cena Submit Vote vote to see outcomes

Even however Orton seems a lot more probably to enter into a feud with The Shield heading into WrestleMania than battling for the title, there are a handful of reasons to like him in this Rumble.

Initial, Orton is nevertheless the 2nd-most well-known full-time performer in WWE. He has been featured on all 3 main network displays primary up to the Rumble, and he is only currently being overwhelmed down by a trio of performers the business is pushing difficult.

2nd, Orton truly wants to get his mojo back. Yes, the suspension for failing numerous drug-exam failures does make it hard for WWE to really go all-in with him. But his upside as a draw is nonetheless large when he is in a large location. WWE Royal Rumble 2013

No. 1: John Cena

All signs position to Cena successful the Royal Rumble, and it truly is not even near. If he is standing at the leading of the mountain, every person else is at the foundation waiting to climb up and making an attempt to catch him.

Cena hasn't been in the title picture since the summer season. That is so as opposed to everything WWE typically does with him. He was the very first individual to enter the Rumble, which signifies that WWE needs to plant the seeds of him winning the crown faster instead than later on.

On leading of that, WWE is constructing to an additional Cena vs. Rock match at WrestleMania. Considering that WWE enjoys to established up the major celebration for its biggest display of the 12 months early, what greater way to do it than to have Rock defeat CM Punk just ahead of Cena wins the Rumble?ROYAL RUMBLE 2013

As much as the Web followers and most douleur WWE enthusiasts may well be irritated by it, Cena is going to come out on top in the Rumble. He is heading to headline WrestleMania in a match with Rock for the WWE championship.

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WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Predicting Winners for Each Match

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Why He Needs To Beat The Rock


WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 LIVE STREAM:On 27th June 2011, a promo took place that promised to change the landscape of sports entertainment forever. CM Punk was the male who sent that promo and on that fateful evening in Las Vegas, individuals eventually commenced to take recognize. A few weeks later at the Cash in the Financial institution PPV, Punk evidently leaves the company with the WWE Championship around his waist – by this stage the entire entire world began to get observe.

Quick forward to 2013 having misplaced and regained the WWE title and likely on to conquer the likes of John Cena, Chris Jericho and Vince’s new powerhouse poster-boy Ryback, Punk is now flourishing in the longest WWE Championship reign of the very last twenty five several years. In spite of all of this, it nevertheless feels as although imaginative are not willing to give him the ball and allowing him run the length with it. The Royal Rumble may possibly perhaps set an end to that.

Arrive January 27th, Punk will encounter one of his largest problems to date in the kind of “the jabroni beating, pie ingesting, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, coronary heart stopping, elbow dropping, people’s champ The Rock”. Whatsoever you feel about The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson as he is frequently now acknowledged, he sells tickets and can make a excellent PPV a possible blockbuster. If CM Punk needs to display the entire world that he is the greatest, this would be opportune minute against the largest mainstream star to at any time appear out of WWE.

Let’s take a second to chat about previous Dwayne he is a 7 time World Champion, a third era superstar, he has conquered the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and more lately John Cena. He is hugely regarded as a famous superstar from the Attitude Era and boasts a multi million greenback box workplace gross in his hugely productive film job. It’s safe to say that the Brahma Bull has done it all, and he does not need yet another title operate.

For CM Punk, the implications of beating the Rock to keep his WWE Championship are large. To start with, it displays that he can do what John Cena failed to do that alone speaks volumes in my book. The idea that Punk is bringing prestige back again to the title is quite crucial to me as a enthusiast trying to keep the belt on Punk shows the WWE can utilise The Rock’s star energy to increase the title reign, giving Punk much more credibility as the top rated star in the company, which will without doubt preserve fans intrigued right after the Rock disappears following WrestleMania.

I’m positive that we can all see how it will pan out should Rocky gain at the Rumble he carries the belt into Mania, into Rock vs. Cena II and the WWE title goes again to John Cena, Dwayne goes back again to generating movies and the soul crushing status quo is restored. Nevertheless, should Punk keep, the possibilities are limitless triple menace title match at Wrestlemania, anybody?

Also by-product? How about Punk requires on the Undertaker in a Streak vs. Streak match at Wrestlemania 29? If punk then loses to Taker, Undertaker retires as the Champion and the subsequent handful of months can be dedicated to a tournament to establish a new winner, possibly utilising a fresh encounter this sort of as Dolph Ziggler to get the title and develop a higher top tier roster depth?

The question here might not be no matter whether Punk needs to win at the Royal Rumble, but regardless of whether WWE needs and wants him to gain. I personally believe that everyone benefits from Punk retaining and retaining the Championship belt at the forefront of WWE programming.

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Getting been a professional wrestling mark supporter for the previous

I'm talking about the stable.

Or "faction," if that's your label of choice. It is created when a bunch of wrestlers who share the very same vision group up to wreak havoc on those who don't. It truly is that simple. Occasionally they're excellent (nWo, DX), sometimes they're bad (World Jarrett, Spirit Squad) and at times they're downright weird (Oddities, P.M.S.).

Now, except if you are in a tag team or Survivor Collection type match -- or mired in some form of hotshotted handicap gimmick -- signing up for forces tends to make no sense whatsoever. After all, only 1 individual can get or lose in any provided match. What very good does it do Jinder Mahal if he aids Heath Slater conquer Justin Gabriel?

No good at all, unless of course his 3MB cohort returns the favor.

Getting been a professional wrestling mark supporter for the previous 30+ years, it doesn't happen often, so I like to get all giddy when it does. Immediately after all, we have the likely to witness anything specific this Sunday (Jan. 27, 2013) at Royal Rumble, of which the likes we haven't seen in really some time.

The greatest factions then, by naturel, are heels, due to the fact their only purpose is to interfere with matches of other members. Eddie Guerrero's "Lie, cheat and steal" gimmick notwithstanding, the supporters are not going to cheer a experience for assault. Imagine Sheamus chair-shotting Massive E. Langston just before John Cena's most current match towards Dolph Ziggler?

May be a neat twist for 1 evening, but following awhile, that's not satisfactory habits for a face.

With that in mind, I want to speak about why I'm so amped for this weekend's more than-the-best-rope extravaganza. If you've been spending attention, and expensive lord I hope you have, then you have most likely surmised that our beloved "Shield" is in cahoots with CM Punk (see much more proof right here).

Sure, the very same CM Punk who is managed by Paul Heyman, who also manages Broooock ... Lesnarrrrrrrr!

CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and The Shield? Signal me the fuck up. But there's one thing missing. We have the brains and we have the brawn, but what faction would be complete without having a conniving minor weasel? You know, an individual who can begin trouble and occupation to the faces when the bigger names can't manage to shed cleanse on television.

Oh, hi Brad Maddox.

Like The Shield, Maddy promises to work on your own with no allegiance to the WWE champion (uh-huh), even with supporting him defeat Ryback by feeding his balls more punches at final year's Hell in a Mobile. Then this little gem of coincidence turned up backstage.

That provides us to Lesnar, who may possibly not be because of back again right up until immediately after Elimination Chamber.

He's the X-aspect (secure pun intended) here. It's tough to think about a star of his caliber currently being bogged down by the bodyweight of a faction, but then yet again, ol' sword 'n chest is dreadful on the stick and will most likely want Heyman to hold his leash on the road to WrestleMania.

And an angle that large indicates Heyman is a deal offer.

Of study course, nothing at all is set in stone, particularly in this business. This is basically a single admirer putting the alignment just before the syzygy. For all I know, WWE shade commentator Jerry Lawler will stand up on Sunday and tear off his Affliction tee shirt to expose a Shield tank top rated.


But just the prospect of a new faction has me fired up due to the fact when they're carried out correct -- and not just an amalgamation of mid-card jobbers with practically nothing to do -- they're money. Moreover, this is the excellent opportunity for WWE to make amends with enthusiasts for the Nexus debacle, which just so occurred to have Punk as its chief.

You know the old professional wrestling motto: If at very first you do not succeed, pretend it in no way happened and consider again.

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Early WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Preview with confirmed names set for Rumble match

WWE Royal Rumble Tickets and Dates

1 of the WWE's signature events will be celebrating its 25th birthday in January, and Vivid Seats needs to get you into this significant wrestling event. Royal Rumble tickets are now on sale as the biggest stars in the sport carry out in front of a sold-out group. The Royal Rumble is constantly among the most exhilarating wrestling Pay out For every Views of the 12 months with a host of superstars attempting to toss the opposition in excess of the ropes. With a title shot on the line, the Royal Rumble never ever disappoints. Vivid Seats has tickets to the Royal Rumble accessible in a variety of locations. When searching with us, you can count on leading-notch consumer support. We aim to supply you with Royal Rumble tickets without having the headache of our on the web competition. Check out what separates Vivid Seats from the opposition:

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Royal Rumble Details

1st Held: one/24/88 - Hamilton, Ontario
Most eliminations in a single match: Kane - 11
Female Competition: Chyna, Beth Phoenix
Shortest time invested in the ring: Santino Marella (a single 2nd)

Because its inception in the late 80's, the Royal Rumble has transformed into one of the WWE's most well-liked events. Wrestlemania might assert to be the Super Bowl of wrestling, but in terms of shear pleasure, absolutely nothing can keep a candle to the Rumble. As it enters its 25th 12 months in 2012, the Rumble now boasts a background as prolonged and very pleased as any Pay out For every See. Jim Duggan won the inaugural function in Ontario. Stone Chilly Steve Austin survives as the Rumble's only a few-time winner.

 Austin has eradicated 36 rivals in his 6 Royal Rumble appearances. The history is held by Shawn Michaels, a two-time winner, who has tossed 39 guys in excess of the ropes in his twelve career appearances. With a heaping of new blood heading into the celebration up coming 12 months, the 2012 Royal Rumble is shaping up to be a unforgettable one particular. Vivid Seats needs to put you in the arena to really feel the coronary heart-pounding action.

The Rock's detractors like to phone him sophomoric and predictable on the mic,

The Rock has been back with the WWE on a semi-complete-time foundation for two weeks and there is no question that he has already grow to be a enormous portion of the solution. He and WWE Winner CM Punk have had two encounters ahead of their match at the Royal Rumble, and The Rock's promo fashion has been very successful hence much.

There are undoubtedly differing viewpoints when it comes to The Rock's overall performance on the mic above the previous couple weeks, but it is important to look at the huge image. Punk supporters mostly think that the WWE Winner defeat The Rock soundly on the adhere previous week and normally seem to be to discover The Rock's type to be juvenile, but that's a very modest piece of the pie.

Have you enjoyed The Rock's promo design vs. CM Punk hence far?
Of course, he has had a excellent combine of humor and intensity No, he needs to cut again on the childish jokes Submit Vote vote to see results

The vast vast majority of wrestling fans enjoy The Rock, and that is the inhabitants that he's catering to. The Rock realizes that he can not you should everyone, but run-of-the-mill supporters take pleasure in his act. Whilst phrases like "Cookie Puss" infuriate a handful of, most of the supporters in the constructing went ridiculous and starting up chanting it. The Rock basically understands how to attractiveness to a crowd.

At the same time, The Rock has gotten critical when essential, so it isn't as if he has been a single-dimensional by any signifies. After cracking jokes at Punk's expense previous week, he didn't hesitate to get in his encounter and eventually deliver a Rock Bottom. It was a excellent blend from The Rock, and he definitely did what he experienced to do.

That carried more than to this week on the twentieth anniversary edition of Uncooked. Relatively than blasting Punk for the duration of his Rock Concert, The Rock focused his consideration on Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero. The Rock then known as out Punk and said very make a difference-of-factly that nobody had overwhelmed him for the title in 421 days, but he would be the one to do it at the Royal Rumble.

This led to a skirmish in between Rock and Punk with referees and backstage personnel breaking it up to near the present. The feud has experienced a excellent combine of comedy and seriousness, and that's a testament to the way The Rock has handled himself in promos. As significantly as I like Punk, he has been the one particular speaking in one tone even though The Rock has been multi-faceted.

The Rock's detractors like to phone him sophomoric and predictable on the mic, and even though they're entitled to their opinion, The Rock is undertaking what he has to do. I'm confident that The Rock and Punk could have some great, extreme, critical promos amongst now and the Royal Rumble, but the problem is that most enthusiasts want more than that out of The Rock.

He has constantly been sarcastic and humorous, so it wouldn't make considerably feeling for him to abandon that now. The Rock isn't going to pretend like he's anything that he isn't in order to cater to Punk's promo fashion. People have a particular expectation when it comes to what The Rock is going to produce on the mic, and he has lived up to it, but he hasn't hesitated to get in Punk's confront either.

Reality be advised, if the shoe was on the other foot and Punk was taking part in the experience function, there is no doubt that he would be catering to the followers and cracking jokes at The Rock's expense as well. Punk was critical at occasions when he was a face, but he was continually searching for a joke pop from the supporters also, so it isn't as if Punk is earlier mentioned The Rock's promo style.

There is always likely to be bias in skilled wrestling, but an overhead standpoint of the Punk vs. The Rock feud shows that equally guys have performed their respective roles completely to this stage. The elitist watch from The Rock's promo fashion is disappointing simply because the reality of the make a difference is that the individuals who adore it far outweigh the men and women who hate it.

The Rock is anxious about the millions and tens of millions who enjoy him much more than he is the 1000's who bash him. The Rock has to firmly establish himself as the lover favorite in this feud in get to make certain that it's better than the convoluted Rock vs. John Cena feud was, and I have no question that it eventually will be.

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WWE's not planning to let The Rock gain the WWE Championship

As enjoyable as WWE's Royal Rumble 2013 would be with no The Rock, it really is merely unmissable with him on the card.

A single of WWE's biggest stars ever will main celebration the Jan. 27 pay-for each-look at at the US Airways Center in Phoenix. At 40 a long time old and with as numerous movies as he's requested to be in, who is aware how numerous far more matches we'll see him in.

As far back as Raw 1000, followers knew that whoever held the WWE title would encounter The Rock at Royal Rumble 2013.

WWE has because produced him the centerpiece of its Royal Rumble advertisement marketing campaign.

Royal Rumble 2013 ad

In addition to this Rock-centered video clip, WWE is utilizing The Rock's mug for the Royal Rumble 2013 poster with the tagline, "Finally…"

"Ultimately," as in finally The Rock has occur back again to the WWE Championship photo. The last time The Rock fought with the WWE title on the line, Brock Lesnar defeated him at SummerSlam on Aug. 25, 2002.

It is partly that gap among championship bouts that makes The Rock's title shot so compelling.

Greatness in Small Doses

A workhorse-like John Cena is ever-present. In 2012, he fought in the major event of nine of WWE's pay out-per-views. Even if you're a huge Cena fan, it's not anything at all special to see him at the best of a card.

It is human naturel to underappreciate things when they're accessible and about all the time.

The Rock's absence has heightened fans' adoration for him.

The Rock on Raw in 2012

Verify out the thunderous reaction the Portland fans gave him when he appeared on a February 2012 episode of Raw. Assess that to the tepid welcome he obtained back again in 2003 on Uncooked in a match vs. Jeff Hardy.

WWE enthusiasts are obviously thrilled to have The Wonderful 1 again even if it's just component-time.

When he was in the heart of his long feud with Steve Austin, it felt like the two of them would battle on permanently. Now Rock's appearances are strikingly finite.

Rumors have currently circulated about who The Rock will confront at WrestleMania 29, but even if he wins the WWE title, how most likely is it that he'll execute at No Way Out or In excess of the Restrict?

WWE has revealed that it is heading to choose its places with him. In a span of above a calendar year from Survivor Sequence 2011 to now, The Rock only observed total matches at two functions. That pattern is most likely to keep on in 2013.

That can make every Rock match a considerably a lot more unique event. It tends to make each and every battle a historic one.

CM Punk Attempts to Fend Off a Legend

The Rock's possible opponent cranks up the enticement degree of the Royal Rumble main occasion.

Whilst it's not official that CM Punk will confront The Rock arrive Jan. 27, they'd be silly to pass up the possibility for a match with this significantly possible. Ryback vs. The Rock is not not even near.

So frequently, the Royal Rumble WWE title match is a throwaway affair. The company's largest stars are usually hectic competing in the Royal Rumble fight royal, top to championship matches like Scott Steiner vs. Triple H in 2003 and Hardcore Holly vs. Brock Lesnar in 2004.

The Brahma Bull is no Scott Steiner. Punk is no Hardcore Holly.

The Best in the Planet planning one on 1 with The Great 1 pits two fantastic mic employees and two producers of massive matches. The promos major up to the Rumble ought to be globe course.

The Rock and CM Punk give us a glimpse to what their promos may well be like.

One of the most intriguing factors of their impending faceoff is that Punk has so much to prove.

Even with the gold about his waist for above a year, Punk was not a part of all that many primary occasions in 2012. John Cena and Brock Lesnar ended up given that part for Excessive Guidelines. The same goes for Cena and John Laurinaitis at In excess of the Restrict, and Cena and The Rock at WrestleMania 28.

The summary a single can attract is that WWE does not have confidence in Punk to be "the guy."

His come across with The Rock may assist to alter the company's brain. CM Punk will possibly seem like he doesn't belong on the same stage as The Excellent A single or will demonstrate that he is elite.

That circumstance makes Rock vs. Punk significantly a lot more impactful.

Championship Uncertainty

WWE's not planning to let The Rock gain the WWE Championship is it?

Even though it looks unlikely that a element-timer would be asked to carry the gold, it really is not a slam dunk that CM Punk's reign will carry on.

F4WOnline claimed (through that "The Rock has been beneath the impression for some time that he would be the one particular to conclude Punk's reign at the Royal Rumble."

The Rock presumably has sway with Vince McMahon and Co., but would WWE actually put the title on him in spite of his constrained routine? Could WWE genuinely carry on Punk’s title reign past its already historic length?

Cm_punk Will CM Punk nevertheless be donning that title following Royal Rumble? (photo by Steve Wright, Jr.)

These queries elevate the Royal Rumble match to yet another level.

While some results are pretty darn simple to forecast, Rock vs. Punk's a tougher a single to call. While Punk is clearly the favorite as the existing winner and the only a single of the two accessible all 12 months, it is hard to imagine The Rock agreeing to lose to Punk.

Probably he puts above The Greatest in the Globe, probably he requires an additional operate with the WWE title.

At last year's Royal Rumble, couple of fans considered that Dolph Ziggler would beat Punk. Royal Rumble 2013's WWE championship match is significantly a lot more intriguing.

The Rock's presence modifications the dynamic of the function.

There will be another Rumble winner who earns a WrestleMania title shot, but there will also be an additional appearance by one particular of the industry's most significant legends in a match that throbs with unpredictability.