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WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 LIVE STREAM FREE :Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions: Power Ranking Favorites to Win Rumble Match Even in the most predictable years, the Royal Rumble is one particular of the most interesting WWE events of the calendar year. The 2013 celebration is no exception, though there does appear to be a critical deficiency of expertise at the leading of the mountain. ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 live stream

When you consider about possible winners for this year's function, the listing is not extended. There are a number of names at the top–the normal suspects, let us call them–that seem to be poised to seize the confirmed title shot at WrestleMania that goes to the victor.

In looking over the record of verified participants in this year's Rumble match, listed here are rankings for the very best candidates to appear out on best.

No. 3: Sheamus

There will be a typical theme working through these predictions, and it will be that all the best candidates to win this year's Rumble have previously won the match in the earlier.

Sheamus was a surprise winner previous 12 months, as most individuals had Chris Jericho pegged to come out on top. While Sheamus' victory did appear to be a very last-2nd swap to toss off the viewers that experienced already figured out the original finish, he did parlay the win into a huge calendar year in 2012.ROYAL RUMBLE 2013 live stream

A single problem with having Sheamus win the Royal Rumble this yr is that there doesn't seem to be any momentum powering him. You want to use this function as a way to catapult a star who has been constructing a full head of steam just on the outskirts of a title shot into the photograph.

That mentioned, we know Sheamus is 1 of the largest stars on SmackDown and linked to the right men and women behind the scenes. If WWE decides to pull one more swerve, really don't be shocked if Sheamus is the beneficiary of that adjust again.

No. 2: Randy Orton

Who will gain the 2013 Royal Rumble?
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Even however Orton seems a lot more probably to enter into a feud with The Shield heading into WrestleMania than battling for the title, there are a handful of reasons to like him in this Rumble.

Initial, Orton is nevertheless the 2nd-most well-known full-time performer in WWE. He has been featured on all 3 main network displays primary up to the Rumble, and he is only currently being overwhelmed down by a trio of performers the business is pushing difficult.

2nd, Orton truly wants to get his mojo back. Yes, the suspension for failing numerous drug-exam failures does make it hard for WWE to really go all-in with him. But his upside as a draw is nonetheless large when he is in a large location. WWE Royal Rumble 2013

No. 1: John Cena

All signs position to Cena successful the Royal Rumble, and it truly is not even near. If he is standing at the leading of the mountain, every person else is at the foundation waiting to climb up and making an attempt to catch him.

Cena hasn't been in the title picture since the summer season. That is so as opposed to everything WWE typically does with him. He was the very first individual to enter the Rumble, which signifies that WWE needs to plant the seeds of him winning the crown faster instead than later on.

On leading of that, WWE is constructing to an additional Cena vs. Rock match at WrestleMania. Considering that WWE enjoys to established up the major celebration for its biggest display of the 12 months early, what greater way to do it than to have Rock defeat CM Punk just ahead of Cena wins the Rumble?ROYAL RUMBLE 2013

As much as the Web followers and most douleur WWE enthusiasts may well be irritated by it, Cena is going to come out on top in the Rumble. He is heading to headline WrestleMania in a match with Rock for the WWE championship.

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